If you’re allergies are acting up, there’s a better solution than antibiotics. According to recent studies by the Infectious Disease Society of America, antibiotics have been show to be ineffective against acute sinusitis, which usually lasts around 10 days regardless of treatment with antibiotics.

Lymphatic drainage massage has been shown to do a better job of moving toxins and bacteria through the sinuses and out of the body. Specifically, facial massage can help with allergy and sinus issues. Here’s how:

Facial massage technique

Certified practitioners use gentle rhythmic massage on the pea size lymph nodes under the mandible. Muscles are pre-warmed and the lymph nodes are stimulated to open the flow of lymph through the system. Qualified therapists use their hands to feel the natural rhythmic flow of lymph. They note the direction, depth and quality in order to mimic the lymph without disturbing its natural flow and assess the best way to drain fluids.

For sinus infections and allergy issues, facial lymphatic massage can remove congested material, which helps the body naturally heal  naturally.

About the lymphatic system

A network of ducks and vessels, the lymph system transfers white blood cells and other antibodies to tissues and organs. They are then used to fight off infections. Think of it as arming certain battle stations within your body to fight off foreign invaders. The lymphatic system relies on muscular units, body movement and water to move lymph throughout the body. Several things can decrease the flow of lymph, including inactivity, infection and food additives. So, it’s necessarily to increase the flow to fight off infections.

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