Heavy Metal Detox

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Whether you know it or not, mercury, lead, arsenic and other heavy metals are currently harming your body. Independent studies have shown that almost everyone has detectable levels of heavy metals. Heavy metals enter the body through our drinking water, our food and even our air. These metals remain in the body and build up to hazardous levels, causing tremendously adverse effects. Heavy metals have been linked to heart disease, cancer and even autism. They are neurotoxins that remain in the body until they are flushed out.

Heavy metal detox, otherwise known as chelation, offers a natural solution for ridding the body of poisonous metals. Our Santa Monica and Palos Verdes locations offer a wide range of solutions for heavy metal detox. We are one of the few clinics in Santa Monica and Palos Verdes that carries Detoxamin, a chelating agent being recommended by renowned Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and Dr. Soram Singh Khalsa. Our individually designed programs use binding agents in conjunction with colonics and other therapies to rid the body of neurotoxins.

Some of the products and services we offer:

Colonics Palos Verdes

Heavy metals bind with tissue once inside the body. This makes it difficult for metals to pass through the natural digestive process of the body. Colon hydrotherapy is a natural method used to cleanse the colon of toxins. Our Palos Verdes colon hydrotherapy clinic helps move heavy metals through the digestive system and out of the body. Colon hydrotherapy also improves the absorption of nutrients, proteins and vitamins. Colonics is recommended by Dr. Klinghardt as part of his Toxin Elimination Protocol.

Dr. Soram Singh Khalsa, another renowned detoxification expert, uses colonics in conjunction with heavy metal chelation and often prescribes Detoxamin.  Our certified colon hydrotherapists will put together a specialized program for your colonics and chelation.


Detoxamin is a method of ETDA chelation therapy, or heavy metal detox, and is a proven alternative to intravenous heavy metal detox. Administered as a suppository, Detoxamin releases and absorbs into the colon wall and targets specific areas. Verified in published pre-clinical studies, Detoxamin is the only proven brand for chelation therapy. Our Santa Monica and Palos Verdes clinics carry Detoxamin and can create a heavy metal detox program specific to your needs and goals.

Cilantro with Chlorella

Cilantro with Chlorella is a very powerful chelation agent. This natural chelation agent is especially useful for ridding the body of mercury, but is also valuable for other heavy metal detoxification. Chlorella helps bind to the mercury and flush it out of the system, making it very powerful in combination with cilantro. Our Santa Monica and Palos Verdes clinics carry cilantro with chlorella products.

Infrared Sauna Palos Verdes

The infrared sauna uses far infrared light to penetrate tissue and boost the transference of water across cellular membranes. The benefits include increased blood flow, hydration and detoxification. Infrared saunas are an exceptional method for heavy metal detox and enhancing immunity. We offer an infrared sauna at our Palos Verdes and Santa Monica clinic.

Ionic Detox Footbath

Our Palos Verdes Ionic Detox Footbath uses positive and negative ions to attach to toxins in the body. Once attached, the ions pull heavy metals and other impurities through the feet into the water and out of the body.

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