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The lymphatic system is responsible for regulating the immune system and riding the body of fluid and waste. It also absorbs fatty acids and fats from the circulatory system and transports white blood cells to and from the lymph nodes. Occasionally the lymphatic system can become clogged. Lymph massage stimulates the flow of fluid throughout the lymphatic system to remove harmful substances and increase the function of the immune system.

Symptoms of a clogged lymph system

When blockages occur in the lymphatic system, the body can become sluggish, tired, heavy and susceptible to infection. Aches, soreness and flu like systems can also be attributed to a congested lymphatic system. A clogged system can also lead to:

  • Joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Acne
  • Frequent cold and flu symptoms

The Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

  • Lymph massage provides a variety of benefits:
  • Unblock the lymph system
  • Stimulate the initial lymphatic
  • Increase the volume of lymph flow
  • Enhance tissue regeneration
  • Rid the body of toxins
  • Enhance skin quality

The process

At Transformational Health in Palos Verdes, we use a very light pressure with soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes to stimulate the lymphatic system. It’s important to drink a lot of water after the massage to flush away the toxins.

Safety concerns

Lymph massage is general considered to be safe. However, like all massage therapies, there can be minor complications. These can include acute inflammation, malignant tumors, thrombosis and major heart problems. To get the best results from a lymphatic massage, use a qualified lymphatic massage therapist.

At Transformational Health, we are committed to providing you with the best therapy for your body. We promote overall health and wellness. Contact us today to set up an appointment with a qualified lymphatic massage therapist.

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What is Raindrop Therapy?
Raindrop therapy is a relaxing massage in combination with the aromatics of Young Living Oil’s essential oils. It utilizes essential oils and innovative massage methods to promote overall health and revive the natural structure of the body. During Raindrop Therapy, essential oils are placed on the body and massaged in with a technique called vita flex. The vita flex technique enriches the effect of the essential oils by tapping into the spinal reflex points of the body. Heat application is utilized after the vita flex massage to further improve the benefits of the essential oils. Essential oils provide benefits to the body for up to seven days after Raindrop Therapy. The essential oils used by Transformational Health in Palos Verdes come from Young Living Oils, the highest quality oils available.
The Benefits of Raindrop Therapy
Raindrop therapy is a method of detoxification. The body is filled with toxins and bacteria that are a strain on the natural immune system and overall health. The raindrop technique provides benefits such as:
– Boosting the immune system
– Cleansing toxins and bacteria
– Relieving stress
– Releasing back pain
– Relieving tension
– Realigning the spine
– Reviving the electrical structure of the body
– Aiding in detoxification
The Raindrop Therapy Procedure
Patients lie on the massage table on their stomach in undergarments during Raindrop Therapy. Essential oils from Young Living Oils are dropped on to the body around 6 inches above the spine. Different oils are utilized to provide various benefits to the body. The therapist then utilizes massage and heat therapy to enhance the benefit of the oils. View a list of essential oils available from Transformational Health in Palos Verdes here.
Thieves Products
Transformational Health in Palos Verdes carries the renowned Thieves products from Young Living Oils. The inception of the Thieves product line dates back to the bubonic plague. During these times, specifically in 1413, four thieves were accused of robbing victims of the plague. To lessen their sentence, they were required to reveal how they managed to escape infection while robbing the dying and dead. The secret was a mixture of aromatic herbs that was rubbed on the temples, ears and hands. Thieves’ oil is based on that mixture of aromatic herbs that prevented the thieves from contracting the bubonic plague. Transformational Health promotes the use of Thieves products for healing and support of the immune system.
About Young Living Oil’s Essential Oils
Young Living Oils offers more than 300 essential oils. These essential oils are of the highest quality and provide numerous benefits to the body. Essential oils can be used for massage, aromatherapy, personal hygiene, emotional health and as nutritional supplements.
Essential oils are natural liquids found in flowers, roots, shrubs, trees and other plants. These oils protect plants from disease, environmental issues and insects. They also nurture plants, helping them grow and evolve in the environment.
With a concentration far stronger than normal dry herbs, essential oils are extracted through a method of stem distillation. Proven as natural aromatics, their chemical composition is also highly complex. It’s the chemical composition of the essential oils that makes them so beneficial to the body.
Only essential oils sold and approved of by Young Living Oils should be used for inhalation and application.