For thousands of years, people have been treating their ailments with nothing but the essential elements of the earth – things other than what can be cooked up in a lab. And, for the most part, they’ve found enormous success. It makes sense, doesn’t it? The safest, most effective cures for your sickness and pain and can be found all around you, in their purest form.

Here are a few highly-revered wellness therapies we have to let you in on:

1. Homeopathy

This 200-year-old therapy attempts to cure “like with like,” claiming that water has a memory. When the active ingredient is diluted in water, the ingredient is retained, and actually becomes more potent. Homeopathy is painless, incredibly safe, and deals in a substance that’s vital for our livelihood – water.

2. Reiki

A product of the far east, Reiki, meaning “universal life energy,” is a process by which a therapist channels energy to a person using touch – which encourages healing. It is said that when one’s energy flow is low, they’re more likely to feel sick or be depressed; and when one’s energy flow is high, they’re more likely to be happy and healthy.
Reiki is also incredibly safe, and although a small number of people might feel some psychological unease from being touched, the therapy is physically painless.
3. Herbal medicine
If it comes from the ground, it’s likely that it’ll fight what’s ailing you – according to herbal medicine, that is. Seeds, roots, berries, bark, leaves, and flowers are all a part of the herbal medicine regiment.
Although it’s important to note that not all herbs have benefits – some can actually be deadly – many do have a positive important on one’s wellness. Ginko has been shown to increase cognitive function, while saw palmetto has been used to treat an enlarged prostate.
4. Acupuncture
Acupuncture may not seem like everyone’s cup of tea, but for thousands of years, the therapy has been sworn by. This ancient practice involves stimulating various parts of the skin with needles to correct imbalances in “flow” throughout the body.
Acupuncture has been shown to be effective to reduce post-chemotherapy vomiting, as well as post operative dental pain.
5. Meditation
Meditation comes in many forms, but most of its forms have been supported by alternative medicine and orthodox science communities, alike. Most meditation involves sitting comfortably with ones eyes closed, observing the breathe and the different sensations of experience.
The long-term benefits of meditation include increased memory function and concentration, as well as a greater sense of well-being.

The FDA recently announced a ban on companies from preparing foods that contain trans fats. This means that over the next 3 years, food producers must remove the primary source of trans fats — partially hydrogenated oils — from every one of their products.
Peanut butter, common baked goods, and microwave popcorn are just a few of your favorite items that will be altered by the new ban.
Good, right? Yep.
The decision comes after a long-term analysis which found that eliminating the substance from food would prevent about 20,000 heart attacks every year. In short, trans fats are no longer recognized as safe.
But why did trans fats get into our food in the first place? Around for over a century, food manufacturers considered the trans fat additive as a more convenient way to produce food, and for many decades, it was even thought to be a healthier alternative to saturated fat. The latest science says that this is incorrect.
If you’re worried about the negative effects of trans fats already in your system, there are many things you can do to detox your body. Here’s just a few.
Lymphatic massage
With this extremely light touch massage, the lymphatic system can be aided to more efficiency do away with impurities — including trans fats.
A fluid called lymph travels throughout the body, catching various toxins along the way. Sometimes, though, lymph becomes unable to flow at full-force — the massage is simply there to put it back at maximum capacity.
Lymph massage therapy has been shown to be effective in treating conditions like lymphedema, edema, and post-surgery swelling.
Countless bacteria line the walls of your colon, many of which are host to toxicity and impurities.
If you’ve never had your colon cleansed, these elements have been running amok on your body and doing a number on your wellness.
By flushing the colon with water, many people report a renewed state of well-being — a relief from the tiresome toxicity of trans fats.
Infrared sauna 
One age-old and effective way of detoxification is to just “sweat it out.”
Unlike traditional saunas that heat the room first and your body second — infrared saunas take advantage of infrared light, which goes straight to heating your body, cutting out the middle-man.
When it comes to infrared saunas, trans fats have little room to run — and sitting in them on a regular basis, should help you ban them from your body once and for all.

It’s no surprise that there’s a slew of alternative wellness methods that don’t really do what they claim. Frankly, there’s just a lot of bunk out there, and it’s often difficult to tell the nonsense from the good stuff.
Here’s a quick rundown of a few honest and effective natural health treatments.
Lymph massage 
This practice has been shown in many studies to be truly effective. So much is accomplished with a finger pressure of just .5 to 8 ounces per square.
You may not know it, but your body contains something called the lymphatic system, which is part of your cardiovascular system. The lymphatic system contains a plethora of lymph nodes and vessels, responsible for circulating lymph. What is lymph? In a way, it’s one of your body’s many cleansing mechanisms. It absorbs dead cells, bacteria, viruses, and other toxins that could wreak havoc in your body.
Unfortunately, lymph doesn’t always flow properly — it sometimes gets blocked. Through lymph massage’s gentle touch, lymph can be made to flow freely again — continuing to do its necessary job.
Mud Baths
How can making yourself dirty do anything whatsoever for your health? Perhaps you might think this treatment would be doing more harm than good, but this isn’t so. Mud baths don’t use any old dirt – this mud often contains rich ingredients like volcanic ash, and clay — the magic is in the minerals, really.
Heated to about 100 degrees, the mineral-rich soil has been shown to have many anti-inflammatory properties, and on top of that, it’s been touted as a great remedy for itchy and irritated skin.
Far-infrared sauna
While a traditional sauna heats the room, which then heats your body, a far-infrared sauna uses infrared light that goes directly to your body — it doesn’t need to first warm the air around you. This wellness method is particular good for the elderly or for those who generally don’t do well with high-temperature traditional saunas.
Several studies have shown that using infrared saunas might be beneficial in treating ongoing health issues like high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and rheumatoid arthritis.
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For most of us, stress is a regular part of life. So much so, that we often feel as though there’s just no escaping it. Prolonged stress can definitely do a number on your body and your mind — your overall wellness. While many people seek quick fixes for their anxiety — like prescription drugs — these can be dangerously addictive. And, on top of that, drugs don’t meet the problem, head-on, they just mask it.
Here’s a few ways stress can throw your wellness for a loop, and some easy things you can do about it.
Raises your blood pressure
One of the most prominent characteristics of ongoing stress is that it can raise your blood pressure. There are certain hormones in your body that are responsible for the “fight or flight response.” This is your body’s evolved way of dealing with scary situations — to either remove yourself from the problem, or confront it. During “fight or flight,” your heart beats rapidly and your blood vessels constrict, in order to deliver more blood to your arms and legs.
If this process happens often enough, it wouldn’t be unlikely that you’d be diagnosed with high blood pressure. Not to worry, though — meditation is a great way of remedying this.
Meditation is little more than a nuanced kind of relaxation. Just find a quiet place, close your eyes, and begin to breathe deeply — focusing just on your breath. With some practice, you’ll begin focusing your attention well enough, to where many of your body’s processes will seem to move in a more relaxed state. This can only be a good thing when it comes to your cardiovascular system.
Causes weight gain
When you’re super stressed out, a chemical in your body called cortisol is released, which can then cause you to develop quite the appetite. But, when your anxiety is high, it’s unlikely that you’re going to reach for the brussels sprouts. To the contrary, you’re much more likely to decide to eat foods high in sodium and sugar, to ease your discomfort.
While it’s mighty difficult to resist this urge, it’s vital that you do so — your wellness depends on it. There isn’t too much you can do about being hungry, but when the sensation strikes, choose organic, detox foods — kale, fish, or pure fruit smoothies — instead of the starchy, sugary, and red-meaty.
Can make you depressed
Stress doesn’t only alter the body, it also alters the mind. Many studies have shown that stress is linked to depression. Whether it be a difficult job, relationship, or finances, these compounding life events can leave your mind in a perpetual gray cloud. There’s something simply you can do about it, though. Exercise.
It may seem obvious, but it’s true. Solid exercise for a half hour a day can completely change, for the better, the way you perceive your situation in life. This is mostly due to the fact that a pleasure-based chemicals called endorphins are released during and after a solid workout. All in all, staying regularly active will make you more prepared to deal with life’s constant pressures.

Everybody knows how good they feel after a long deep-tissue massage, and although these types of massages have a number of health benefits, many argue that they don’t have the same keep-you-younger efficacy as lymphatic massages.
What’s so youthful about these ultra light-touch massages? Well, let’s find out.
Improves circulation
The main thing that lymphatic massage drainage does so well is to help pass lymph more effortlessly through the lymphatic system — part of the larger circulatory system.
Lymph is a clear liquid that disposes of harmful toxins in the body. From time to time, it can become very thick and bogged-down. With a very light touch in the right areas, the massage therapist is able to improve the circulation of lymph through the lymphatic system, allowing it to do away with toxins more efficiently.
Clears your complexion
One of the side benefits of lymph drainage is that it can actually help with acne problems. Think about it — acne is often caused by dirt and toxins finding a temporary home in the pours of your skin. With lymph flowing more readily, though, this makes it much harder to do. And, everyone knows an acne-free complexion appears is a healthy, more youthful one.
Heightens immunity
As we get older, the natural processes our bodies perform to keep us young, healthy, and fit, slow down — including lymph flow. So, just as you might take a daily dose of medication, regularly receiving manual lymphatic massage can work wonders to slow down the aging process and keep you healthy.
Simply keeps you feeling good
Remember feeling great all the time in your teens and 20s? You weren’t so plagued by aches, pains, and stress like you are now, right? The truth is, it’s just as important to actually FEEL healthy as it is to be healthy. Your subjective experience from moment to moment is who you are, and if you’re constantly in pain or depressed, that will define you.
Several studies have shown that post-lymphatic drainage massage, people felt calmer and more focused than prior to the treatment.
If you have any further questions about lymph massage, or wondering whether or not a particular wellness therapy is right for you, don’t hesitate to call us today!

Gluten-free, paleo, raw — there seem to be so many different types of specialized diets these days, it’s hard to keep up. And, for good reason. Nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all kind of science. While a vegan diet might be super healthy for one person, another person may find themselves weak and lethargic, without meat and diary.
There’s a new diet on the rise that nods its head at the idea that diets ought to be specific to the individual, and that’s the Blood Type Diet.
This way of eating gains its momentum under the idea that people with certain blood types are prone to certain types of diseases.
For instance, if you’re a type A, you should actually stay away from red meat, as there’s a correlation between type a blood and heart disease.
Let’s take a look at what’s okay and not okay to chow down on (and how to exercise), depending on the type of blood running through your veins.
Type A
As we’ve said, Type A does best with a veggie-based diet. Although this tends to be good for all blood types, type As ought to eat there foods in as natural a state as possible — fresh and organic.
As far as exercise goes, Type A thrives on “calming” exercise – yoga, thai chi, meditation, etc. heavy exercise makes cortisol levels rise to extreme levels in type As, which adds stress, and ends up being worse for their health, in the long-run.
Type B
Bs are best when they consume corn, wheat, lentils, tomatoes, and peanuts. All of these foods are said to improve your body’s metabolic processing. One thing Bs might miss though is chicken. Instead, as far as meat goes, Type B should consume other lean dark meats like lamb and venison.
When it comes to exercise, Bs do well when then engage in physical activities that challenge the mind as well as the body — things like tennis, golf, and martial arts.
Type AB
Seafood is where its at with Type AB. The more seafood the better. Also, AB should avoid combining certain foods, for instance, don’t put starches and proteins together in the same meal.
Change things up when it comes to your work out, too. One day do some heavy cardio, while the next, try some tai chi or even gardening.
Type O
Type O have an easy time metabolizing proteins and fats, so red meat and avocados are definitely not the worst thing for you (in moderation, of course)!
On the bodily movement end of things, Type O benefits tremendously from heavy-exertion workouts both in the cardio-vascular and skeletal-muscular systems. Don’t be afraid to push yourself.
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Although colonics are highly fashionable right now, little did you probably know that the technique of flushing the colon with water, to bring about a higher state of wellness, has been around for thousands of years. And our best sources say that it all started on the banks of the Nile.

Here’s the history of colon hydrotherapy:

The Ancient Egyptians
The ancient Egyptians believed that, after you ingest your food, portions of it stay in you and rot, just as it would outside your body, if left to its own devices. They believed this was at least partially responsible for illness. So, it only made sense to flush the bowels clean every once in a while, to rid the body of rotting food.
As it turns out, the ancient Egyptians were only partially correct. The food doesn’t actually “rot” inside your body, but it does leave behind toxins that builds up on your colon walls, which benefit from being flushed-out, from time to time.
19th Century medicine
Skipping forward in time, we come to the Victorian era of the western world, where little was known about medicine still, but the idea of applying the scientific method to figure out the remedies that actually worked took hold.
During the late 1880s and early 1900s, much of the medical literature advocated colon hydrotherapy regiments every so often, as a general health practice. Around 1930, though, few traditional medical doctors seemed to find compelling evidence in support of the treatment.
Today and beyond
Nowadays, there’s an overwhelming resurgence in time-honored alternative wellness practices – including colonics. As the cost of prescription medication and doctor’s visits shoot through the roof, countless people are seeking different ways of getting better.
The truth is, though, there have been several studies supporting the benefits of colon hydrotherapy. But more importantly, recipients themselves walk away from the treatment feeling unbloated, clear-skinned, and more well-focused. Overall, it’s hard to argue with that.
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From intriguing treatments to novel workout routines, wellness advice is everywhere. However, the common phrase “You are what you eat,” couldn’t be more important. The truth is, if you really want to exude wellness in body and mind, you’ve got to start with what you eat.

Here’s a handful of healthy foods you should eat for detox.


As great to look at as they are to taste, avocados are an antioxidant-rich fruit, fully fit to lower cholesterol and provide loads of protein. Eating avocados is commonly associated with a better quality of diet and nutrient intake. Lower intake of added sugars, lower body weight, as well as lower metabolic syndrome risk are some additional pros.


Few people would argue the deliciousness of blueberries. But in addition to their tasty reputation, blueberries are packed with features that are ready to fight for your wellness. Did you know that blueberries are able to help ward off a variety of viruses? And they’re packed with powerful phytonutrients fit to rid the body of harmful toxins.

On top of that, this hearty berry aids in doing away with tissue-damage due to perpetual inflammation, and at the same time, it’s also able to act as a pain reliever. Paranoid about DNA damage? Just 300 grams per week can help to keep your double helix fully intact. Intense stuff, huh?


Great in a taco or on top of an omelet, cilantro is a king among antioxidant foods. This green, leafy plant pushes mercury and similarly harmful toxins out of the body, attaching them to other compounds so that they may be excreted from the body. Cilantro also contains an antibacterial compounds, which actually outperform some antibiotic drugs at killing Salmonella.


You might be wondering whether or not Dandelions are really edible, and the answer is: absolutely. Dandelion root is particularly known to have a strong positive impact on the liver and pancreas by filtering toxins from the bloodstream. Like blueberries, dandelions too are a great source of phytonutrients, and beyond that, they’re a food that’ll reliably cleanse your digestive tract.


Garlic seems to be in most cuisines these days, and although it leaves people with a less than attractive breath odor, it’s a food with some truly powerful wellness properties. For instance, raw garlic is known to elevate your immune system like few other foods. One of the best parts is that your body isn’t going to be particularly sensitive if you eat a lot of it, either. That’s because sulfur is found in large quantities of garlic, and that’s a well-known antibiotic.

Studies have shown that garlic is 100 times more powerful than synthetic antibiotics, and go into action in less time, too. In short, your body welcomes all the detoxifying elements of garlic, with open arms.

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Wellness treatments are plentiful these days, and sifting through them can be a bit daunting. Not to fear, though. Here are a few of the most popular detox treatments, including what they do and how they’ll better your being.

Colon Hydrotherapy

This age-old detox technique uses a tube to gently infuse water into the colon, flushing it of the countless impurities that make their home there. Over time, waste naturally builds up on colon walls, and if not cleansed, this accumulation may cause constipation, lethargy and general uneasiness.

By regularly cleansing the colon, the various parasites that reside in your waste don’t have a chance to accumulate and wreak havoc on your immune system. People since Ancient Egyptian times have reported feeling a wonderful, euphoric state of well-being, post colonic.

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage, using as little as a half an ounce of pressure per square inch, aids in lymph flow in the lymphatic system. The lymph system is a vital part of your lymphatic system, which is ultimately essential for ridding the body of toxins and impurities of all kinds.

Lymph is a clear fluid that circulates through your body, and along the way it snatches many of the things that end up making you sick. Unfortunately, this fluid is known to swell from time to time. When this happens, it doesn’t flow as freely as it should. What lymphatic massage does is break up this swelling — encouraging the lymph to do its thing.

Lymph massage is known to be a great treatment for lymphedema, edema, post-surgery swelling and more minor things such as stress and fatigue.

Far infrared sauna

While most saunas pretty much consist of a heated room, which then heats your body, far infrared saunas use infrared light which goes straight to your body – cutting out the middle-man. What this does is warm your body at lower, less humid temperatures, more efficiently. To many people, the overall experience is a more comfortable one than a standard sauna.

Saunas aren’t only about feeling good, though. One of the main purposes of a sauna is detoxification — getting benefits similar to having just exercised. The truth is, far infrared saunas may bring on up to two to three times the volume of perspiration brought on by standard sauna, doing away with more toxins, calories, and stress.

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You’ve probably heard that high fructose corn syrup isn’t good for you, but maybe you don’t know exactly why. Basically, it increases fat. And, the more high fructose corn syrup consumed … you guessed it, the fatter people tend to get.

A recent study gave people with normal lipid (molecules in your body that includes fat) profiles, drinks containing different concentrations of high fructose corn syrup. The ones who consumed more highly concentrated drinks, ended up with a higher lipid count.

Fat levels aren’t the only thing impacted by high fructose corn syrup, though. The study showed increased cholesterol levels and heart disease risk, too. For those trying a detox program — colon hydrotherapy or lymphatic massage, for instance — it goes without saying that you ought to stay away from the substance.

Here are a few more reasons to steer clear of high fructose corn syrup.

Just too much sugar

For our hunter-gatherer ancestors, sugar was rare in nature — they didn’t come across it very often. Today, our bodies haven’t yet adapted to the large amounts of sugar we’ve decided to consume, especially in high fructose corn syrup. Think about it, in your average soft drink there’s about nine teaspoons of sugar! Would you willingly put that much in your coffee?

Get back to your roots by checking out our Organic Food Diet Guide. Follow the guidelines and your sure to improve your health.

It’s not natural 

You’re not going to find a “high fructose corn syrup plant” growing on the ground. Cane sugar (natural) and high fructose corn syrup (synthetic) are not biologically identical, and so they’re not processed the same way by your body. Regular cane sugar contains two sugar molecules tightly bound together, in equal amounts, while the sugar molecules in HFCS have an uneven ratio. The more promient molecule in this ratio is difficult for the body to absorb, often resulting in weight gain.

Contains mercury

You don’t need to be told that mercury isn’t something you should be consuming, but there it is, in most of the high-fructose-based foods you eat. This isn’t the most comforting thought, considering that these foods make up about a quarter of the average American’s diet.

What now?

If you’re really trying to rid your body of the various toxins brought on by high fructose corn syrup, consider high-effective therapies like colon hydrotherapy or lymphatic massage. These time-honored wellness therapies have worked wonders for countless people looking to detox their bodies and minds.

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