Lymphatic Massage Melts Away Congestion

Recommended for ALL respiratory and digestive imbalances (constipation, asthma, irritable bowels, bronchitis, sinusitis, headaches, low energy, PMS, cancer risk-reduction + more. Especially after surgery! Jessica advocates a gentle, melting touch, focused mainly on the abdomen, pelvis, chest and head. Adds detoxification to every health maintenance program. Based on The Lauren Berry Method®.

What Is Lymph?

  • It is the milky fluid e.g. plasma of blood, which cleanses the entire body’s tissues. It holds all excesses in “storage”, transports wastes, filters out bacteria, carries the immune response (lymphocytes), and gets thicker when any imbalance or disease is present.

Why is it called “Lymphatic Clearing”?

  • The body’s “water purification system” gets pumped by muscle contraction through tiny lymphatic pathways and 500+ nodes, whenever you exercise, sweat and breathe. When you are sedentary or sluggish, overall health suffers. Hands-on lymphatic massage in Palos Verdes at Transformational Health flushes out toxins, mucous, congestion, excess water, protein and fat.

How is the massaging done?

  • Lymphatic drainage occurs with repetitive, gentle, rhythmic touch. Circular pumping, pulsing and tiny vibrations liquefy congestion. Performed with or without oil, the superficial strokes increase circulation of lymphatic fluid.

What does it do for me?

  • General well-being is sustained by proper lymph function, which increases your resistance to disease. Mucous production is moved out and reduced. Long term low immune response and restricted vitality can be improved significantly.

When would I want to use lymphatic massage?

  • ALWAYS! Massage 2-3 times a week, especially when you feel an imbalance. Give yourself and your loved ones a simplified routine to stimulate proper internal organ and immune function. Lymphatic Clearing is especially useful when done AFTER a session of colon hydrotherapy!

~ Cleanse your body on a regular basis! ~


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