After getting many colonics in many cities here in the US and never feeling any lasting results, I found Transformational Health in a quaint neighborhood in Santa Monica.  For the time in my life, I was finally  educated by a knowledgeable Colon Therapist during my first session.  I learned so much that first time.  I asked for a personalized program i could follow which included herbs, some diet changes and a series of colonics.  I never felt such a deep sense of healing before!  I continue to receive monthly colonics (i go during their “client appreciation” day each month) and once a year I return to the deep cleanse I did the first time.  I will never go anywhere else while I am in So. California.

– John K.  New York and California

I would say Jessica Zaccaro saved my life. When I came to her, I had been in the process of losing weight for 1.5 years. I had successfully gone from 205 lbs to 128 lbs. I had just starting learning about intestinal cleaning and Jessica recommended I try the Arise and Shine 30-day nutritional cleanse. So I did. Over the course of a month, I worked through a lot of emotional issues. Jessica was always there to answer my questions; she explained to me that the cleanse was not only about physical cleansing but also about emotional cleansing. When I hit week three, I could not get out of bed one morning – I was upset and could not stop crying. Strangely, Jessica called 15 minutes later. She talked to me for an hour and I was a lot clearer. The next day, I broke off my engagement from my partner of three years. I had not even mentioned my partner to Jessica on that phone call but I had not been allowing myself to face reality, that I was about to marry someone who I would have been miserable with. The cleanse pushed me into a place that I had not allowed myself to go. After 30 days, I was 10 lbs lighter, vegan and looked like I was 20 years old (I’m 29), I even got carded at Whole Foods for wine. Would I do it again? Yes.”

– Cala Wright, Santa Monica, CA

“Jessica and her Health Center Transformational Health is truly special. The level of expertise she is bringing to the body as a whole in combination with being very professional is outstanding. I am always looking forward to my next colonics with Jessica, since I know I will feel so much better afterwards! Jessica really gets me moving on many levels, and her advise on products and nutrition is profound. Thank you Jessica!”

– Gitta Sivander, Santa Monica

After several attempts at seeing my Medical Doctor for low energy, persistent headaches and too many colds, and after having no results from taking several types of antidepressants, I decided to try ‘internal cleansing’ and called Transformational Health. I was told by my colon therapist, Jessica, that I might want to try the series of 8 colon hydrotherapy sessions along with a diet change and herbal supplements to help in the cleansing process. I was so tired of feeling 20 years older than I was, that I went ahead and just did what she told me to do. I immediately felt more energy! The night after my 1st colonic I slept better than I had in many years! After about four sessions, my headaches were gone and have not returned at all!! Added benefits have been a glowing complexion and happiness I had almost forgotten. Now, 6 months after my initial cleansing process I continue having a colonic monthly and have started loving my “whole foods” diet. I never want to return to that old, sickly man I was when I found Transformational Health.

– Edward D. Dillon, Los Angeles, CA

I have been getting colonic irrigation for many years. I have found them to be the simplest and fastest way to feel better. Jessica Zaccaro at Transformational Health gives the best colon hydro therapy I have had in either New York or Los Angeles. She understands all the acupressure points and utilizes them proficiently during every colonic session as well as some lymphatic drainage massage. She seems to know more about the cleansing process (as well as what herbs to take at what times) than anyone I’ve encountered. When ever I am in town on set, I make sure I book three sessions in a row with her. This helps right away with any jet-lag after flying or feeling ‘run down’ after working 18 hour days!

– J.V. NY,NY.

My holistic medical doctor recommended I do a liver/gallbladder flush, which I had almost completed, when a client of mine told me how fabulous Octavia’s (Jessica Zaccaro’s) colonics were. It had been years since my last colonic, and I was feeling pretty good by the last few days of my liver/gallbladder cleanse, so I thought, “what a great way to end my cleanse”! It was an amazing session, so I was interested when she suggested that I continue cleansing — she believed there were a lot more toxins in my colon that I could get rid of with one session.  I had already made the change to 100% raw food so I thought, “Why not”? It feels FANTASTIC to release old accumulated toxins on all levels — emotional, mental and physical. I did colonic irrigation twice a week for 3 full weeks. I also used Arise and Shine products with Octavia’s guidance. I released so much waste between colonics – I could hardly believe it! The sessions were so effortless. I have so much more energy, and especially peace of mind. How do you put a price tag on that? I recommend Octavia as a very wise, experienced and compassionate colon therapist and beyond.

Kim Korljan, Massage Therapist and Active Release Practioner

Octavia Zaccaro-Santiago’s Transformational Health is a 5-star service with a comprehensive approach to your cleansing. Guiding you through a beginner or advanced program, they hold your hand every step. Knowledgeable, thorough, and no-nonsense, they are here to serve you with ease, grace & spotless hygiene. Herbs, ionic foot bath, detox tea, infared, lymphatic massage, infusion, and meditative atmosphere combine to bring out the best in you by getting rid of the worst in you! I always send my clients here for compassionate, budget-friendly care.

Marci Javril, NCTMB, CMT, ASCT, developer of Melting Touch Method©: lymphatic detox massage





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