The FDA recently announced a ban on companies from preparing foods that contain trans fats. This means that over the next 3 years, food producers must remove the primary source of trans fats — partially hydrogenated oils — from every one of their products.
Peanut butter, common baked goods, and microwave popcorn are just a few of your favorite items that will be altered by the new ban.
Good, right? Yep.
The decision comes after a long-term analysis which found that eliminating the substance from food would prevent about 20,000 heart attacks every year. In short, trans fats are no longer recognized as safe.
But why did trans fats get into our food in the first place? Around for over a century, food manufacturers considered the trans fat additive as a more convenient way to produce food, and for many decades, it was even thought to be a healthier alternative to saturated fat. The latest science says that this is incorrect.
If you’re worried about the negative effects of trans fats already in your system, there are many things you can do to detox your body. Here’s just a few.
Lymphatic massage
With this extremely light touch massage, the lymphatic system can be aided to more efficiency do away with impurities — including trans fats.
A fluid called lymph travels throughout the body, catching various toxins along the way. Sometimes, though, lymph becomes unable to flow at full-force — the massage is simply there to put it back at maximum capacity.
Lymph massage therapy has been shown to be effective in treating conditions like lymphedema, edema, and post-surgery swelling.
Countless bacteria line the walls of your colon, many of which are host to toxicity and impurities.
If you’ve never had your colon cleansed, these elements have been running amok on your body and doing a number on your wellness.
By flushing the colon with water, many people report a renewed state of well-being — a relief from the tiresome toxicity of trans fats.
Infrared sauna 
One age-old and effective way of detoxification is to just “sweat it out.”
Unlike traditional saunas that heat the room first and your body second — infrared saunas take advantage of infrared light, which goes straight to heating your body, cutting out the middle-man.
When it comes to infrared saunas, trans fats have little room to run — and sitting in them on a regular basis, should help you ban them from your body once and for all.
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