The World’s Leading Intestinal Cleansing Products

Transformational Health in Palos Verdes recommends and carries  all of the Arise and Shine  product Line.

Arise & Shine has set the standard for internal cleansing.  We primarily recommend Arise and Shine products because of the results we clearly see.  They are easily tailored to each individual who desires to feel  better then they do right now.  Through deep internal cleansing, many experience more mental clarity and energy. Arise & Shine offers 3 pre-packaged cleanses:   7,  14 and 28 day  or you may ask your colon hydro therapist  to personalize a program to fit your specific wants and needs .   Also available are the Arise and Shine daily use  nutritional products.

Below is a partial list of the Arise & Shine products we carry at our Palos Verdes clinic:

Electro Life – Highly absorbable organic electrolyte formula. Also used to raise your PH.

Herbal Nutrition – Works in combination with Chomper to eliminate toxins and mucoid plaque intestine.

Yeast End – Helps to restore the blaance of intestinal flora with a mix of beneficial bacteria.

Chomper with Cayene – Cleanses the intestinal tract with a groundbreaking formula of herbs.

Chomper – Cleanses the intestinal tract with an all natural formula that includes peppermint.

Flora Grow – Supports digestive health before, during and after cleansing through beneficial bacteria.

Liver Life 1

Calcium Mineral Complex

28 Day Cleanse – Cleanses the body of toxins through all-natural herbs and nutritional supplements in 28 days.

7 Day Cleanse – Cleanses the body of toxins through all-natural herbs and nutritional supplements in 7 days.

Kidney Life – Supports the health of the kidneys through an all-natural herb blend.

Funda Minerla 

Hydrated Bentonite – Combined with Psyllium Husks and distilled water, Hydrated Bentonite can become a cleansing shake.

Psyllium Husk Powder – Supports colon function through a pure source of fiber that is gluten-free.

Chomper Aid – Designed specifically for cleansers with sensitive stomachs to provide a comfortable experience.

Great Greens – Improves overall nutrition through a supplement blend of sea vegetables, land vegetables, grasses and herbs.

Arise Nzyme

Worm Squim 1 & 2

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