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Though many may not be aware of it, an extensive source of sickness is due to a deficiency in our diet of minerals and trace minerals. Our water and soil are contaminated with agricultural chemicals, industrial waste, germicides and other chemicals. These poisons have not only killed important bacteria in the eco-system but have worked their way into our bodies. Water that is stripped of minerals causes an unbalance in both our bodies and our eco-system. Our bodies can become acidic, dehydrated and incapable of absorbing the vital nutrients in supplements, vitamins and even food that we consume. At Transformational Health, we believe it’s important to provide your body with the necessary tools it needs to remain healthy. Along with regular colon hydrotherapy, we advise patients to add Adya Clarity to their drinking water.
What is Adya Clarity?
Adya Clarity is a solution developed from magnetic sulphate minerals. Extracted from the rarest and purest volcanic mineral deposit of Black Mica in Japan, it is added to regular drinking water to purify and optimize it for optimal cellular function. A special process is used to extract the elements within the Black Mica, so that they are made 100% bioavailable.
What does Adya Clarity do?
When added to drinking water, Adya Clarity reduces or eliminates heavy metals, chemicals, plastics, chlorine, and other elements that are harmful to the body, to restore balance.  The solution also stimulates oxygen within the body, which aids in the absorption of essential nutrients. These para-magnetic sulfate minerals are essential for enhancing the function of enzymes.
Where to find it?
Transformational Health in Palos Verdes carries Adya Clarity and recommends using it in combination with colon hydrotherapy for a healthy intestinal balance and overall wellbeing.  Visit our Palos Verdes location or call to make your appointment today.
Palos Verdes: 310-392-9190