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We’ve recently seen a spike in concern over mercury exposure, and rightfully so. There’s a good chance that mercury is among the heavy metals that are attacking your body.

This metal comes from dental amalgams, which are mercury-based fillings. But it also comes from seafood consumption, coal-burning power plants and incinerators.

Heavy metal detox is crucial for health

What are the symptoms of toxicity?

Chronic symptoms of mercury toxicity can include nausea, tremor and hypersensitivity.

Heavy metals tend to move towards the brain first, causing memory loss and other neurological symptoms. It can also lead to more serious ailments, like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

That’s why it’s important to start detoxing as soon as possible. But you should take care to do it properly. It’s a delicate process.

Step 1: Focus on your diet

In order to start detoxing, you’re going to have to slowly change your diet. This phase should last for about two weeks. Limit foods that can be consider inflammatory, like sugar and fast food. Increase your intake of beneficial fats and limit your intake of carbohydrates.

Step 2: Get a consultation

It’s important to form a plan with a professional for a proper detox. We offer programs for detox at our Palos Verdes and Santa Monica spas. Contact us today for a consultation.

Step 3: Get tested

There’s a newer type of testing called “mercury speciation.” It measures your overall mercury level and your body’s ability to naturally get rid of the metal. This is a big step in creating a personalized heavy metal detox program.

Step 4: Remove your exposure

If your source of mercury is coming from fish, then eliminate fish out of your diet. Dental amalgams are a little bit harder to remove, and it can be very costly. If you have the means, get them removed by a someone who specializes in removing amalgams. Keep in mind that improper removal can boost your toxicity.

Step 5: Chelation therapy

This type of therapy is crucial to riding the body of metals. We suggest Detoxamin, a chelating agent that we use for heavy metal detox. This binds to the heavy metals and moves them out of the body through urine and feces.

For more information, or to speak with us about mercury exposure, call us today:

Palos Verdes: 310-392-9190
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While you may not know it, your body is full of heavy metals right now. Aluminum, mercury, lead and other metallic elements find their way into our bodies via the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe. Dental fillings have been linked to toxic levels of mercury. Small doses of metal can build up to dangerous levels of these elements and have extremely negative effects on our bodies. Some experts have attributed heavy metal buildups to heart disease and cancer.

Fortunately, there are ways to cleanse our bodies and remove these heavy metals from our systems. One of the most successful natural healing methods is chelation.

After heavy metals enter the body, they bind themselves within tissue, making them hard to remove through the body’s natural digestive processes. The detoxification process of chelation involves elements that bind to the heavy metals and help remove them from body tissue.

Chelation formulas use a combination of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other elements that promote natural healing. Chelation can be done intravenously and orally with a variety of natural healing foods such as garlic and cilantro. The heavy metals exit the body through urine and feces.

Chelation’s effectiveness has been questioned by the American Heart Association, and other governing medical bodies have concerns about the safety of intravenous chelation. However, chelation’s ability to help cure lead poisoning is well-documented, and many supporters of natural healing believe chelation can help treat autism and heart disease. All medical experts can agree one issue: a buildup of toxic heavy metals in our systems can have detrimental effects on the way our bodies function.

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MSG: Dangers of Use

Author: Jessica

You’ve heard of it. You may eat it everyday. Most likely, you aren’t aware of the serious consequences it can have for your body. Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is found everywhere: grocery store shelves, restaurant menus and your kitchen pantry. While MSG’s use in Chinese take-out restaurants is well-documented, it is not confined to one type of cooking.

Joseph Mercola recently devoted his attention to the dangers of MSG in “MSG: Is This Silent Killer Lurking in Your Kitchen Cabinets?” Mercola’s coverage includes the many tests that have been conducted on the food additive over the past five decades, most of which share one common thread: a healthy diet does not include MSG.

The article uncovers the way that MSG affects your taste buds and your body by exploiting the fifth basic taste, umami. Because of this savory taste, foods with MSG taste more robust. However, this perceived extra flavor comes with extra costs to the millions of people whose bodies cannot process MSG.

Studies in the 1970s supported that up to 30 percent of the U.S. population was intolerant to MSG. With such a large portion of people adversely affected by this unnatural food aid, shouldn’t all of us be concerned with its place in our daily diets? Some medical experts, including neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, believe that MSG can be linked to brain damage and may trigger the causes for debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Perhaps the most alarming fact regarding MSG is the Food and Drug Administration’s seemingly carefree attitude about its place in our food. While the FDA lists a number of symptoms that people with MSG Symptom Complex can experience that includes headaches, nausea and rapid heartbeats, the organization does little to ensure that shoppers know what foods carry MSG.

Mercola’s article reinforces the importance of reading the nutritional labels and ingredient statements on your food with extra caution. The article’s list of 37 ingredients used as masks for MSG prvoes that food manufacturers are aware of the negative impact MSG can have on a shopper’s opinion of the food’s safety. Looking out for these ingredients is essential to maintaining a healthy diet.

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A Santa Monica, California Hydrotherapy Colonics company, specializes in internal body cleansing, nutrition education and wellness promotion. As a Santa Monica Hydrotherapy Colonics specialist and Palos Verdes Hydrotherapy Colonics specialist, many California residents rely on for hydrotherapy products, resources and information. For more information and to browse a selection of high-quality natural products, please visit



By Robert Hager

Jan. 30 – When scientists sampled Andrea Martin’s blood and urine to see what toxins she’d picked up from the world around her, she got a surprise. “I had 95 chemical contaminants in my little body. And it was very mind blowing,” said Martin. The test results indicate that we all pick up tiny amounts of an astounding number of chemicals that are known to be dangerous in larger doses.

MARTIN and eight others were tested by Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York and an advocacy organization called the Environmental Working Group. On average, the nine participants had traces of 53 chemicals known to cause cancer in human or animal tests. In addition, they had an average of 62 chemicals toxic to the brain or nervous system, plus 55 associated with birth defects. The scientists did not find any single substance in amounts the government describes as unhealthy, but said the sheer number of chemicals was unnerving, especially given the uncertainty about the health effects of trace amounts.

Biomonitoring our bodies
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have embraced “biomonitoring.” The technology allows researchers to measure chemicals directly in blood and urine rather than having to rely on exposure estimates based on air, water or soil samples. Click on a category for recent biomonitoring breakthroughs.

Breast cancer
CDC and Danish researchers found that the risk of breast cancer significantly increased with increasing levels of dieldrin, a pesticide, in women’s blood. This result suggests that exposure to dieldrin and other “organochlorine” compounds may increase the risk of breast cancer.

Children & pesticide

Methyl parathion, a pesticide that should never be used indoors, has been found inside thousands of homes in at least seven states and led to the deaths of two children in Mississippi. In response, the CDC’s Environmental Health Lab developed a method to measure methyl parathion in urine and did so in more than 15,000 people. The results helped identify who needed treatment and who needed to be moved out of their homes until the homes could be cleaned.

Drinking water
Trihalomethanes, chemicals that evaporate easily into the air, are thought to be linked to birth defects, bladder cancer, and colorectal cancer. Formed during the water sanitation process, they are often found in drinking water. The CDC’s lab developed a way to measure trihalomethanes in blood, and it’s being used in studies to find out how much enters people’s bodies and whether the chemicals are causing illness.

Cigarette smoke

The CDC’s lab developed ways to measure cotinine — a chemical formed by the breakdown of cigarette nicotine in the body — in saliva, blood, and urine. These methods are being used to find out: how much secondhand smoke is getting into children, adolescents and adults; what levels of chemicals in tobacco smoke cause health problems; how well actions to protect people from secondhand smoke are working; and how well actions to help smokers stop smoking are working.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
“(This is) irrefutable proof that humans carry in their bodies scores of industrial contaminants, most of which didn’t exist 75 years ago,” said Jane Houlihan, co-author of the study. Scientists have found chemicals called pthalates, which are known to cause birth defects in animals, in many personal care items like makeup, hair spray, soap and also plastic food wrap. Other chemicals found in the participants’ bodies target the nervous system, including:

  • Acetone in nail polish
  • Synthetic fragrances in perfume and soap
  • Poisons in weed killers and bug sprays
  • Perchloral ethyline in dry cleaners
  • Zylene in paint, which can also cause organ damage

Some chemical manufacturers called the study nothing but hype. “I think it was an attempt to be more alarmist than necessary, and sort of over-inflate the message and the facts,” said Jay Vroom of Croplife America. But for those intent on avoiding even traces of toxic chemicals, the study’s authors suggest eating organic produce, minimizing fatty foods since chemicals concentrate in body fat, minimizing the use of beauty products, avoiding stain removers and avoiding seafood known to be high in mercury. These precautions may be more hassle than many care to deal with, but the scientists in charge of the study say it is amazing how many potentially toxic chemicals get in our bodies.

How do you know which substances to avoid? Toxic chemicals with particularly powerful effects include heavy metals, organic solvents and pesticides. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as dioxin, PCBs and phthalates — substances that leach out of plastic packaging and wraps — may also be harmful to your health.