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Getting your morning calories can help you lose weight, if you get the right ones.

Lose weight with organic food in the morning

A new study suggests that if you skip breakfast, you’ll actually end up eating more throughout the day. You’ll also make less healthy food choices, according to the MRC Clinical Science Centre at London’s Imperial College. If you get enough calories in the morning, you probably won’t overeat or have cravings for high-calorie foods.

Here’s the scoop: MRI brain scans of 21 people were taken. The researchers conducted scans after the participants hadn’t eaten anything in the a.m., and then again after they had a 750-calorie breakfast. “Through both the participants’ MRI results and observations of how much they ate at lunch, we found ample evidence that fasting made people hungrier, and increased the appeal of high-calorie foods and the amount people ate,” Dr. Tony Goldstone of the Centre said in a society news release.

There have been several similar studies in the past, and we agree, your morning meal is a must — especially if you want to drop pounds.

You are what you eat for breakfast 

It’s important to note what constitutes a “healthy” morning meal.

For example, eating pancakes, biscuits, gravy and bacon might get you up to 750 calories  for breakfast (probably a lot more), but that’s not exactly the nourishment that your body needs.

Instead, fill your gut in the morning with organic food that will really give your body the nutrition and energy it needs. That includes, depending on your dietary needs, a balance of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and protein. And never underestimate the power of water.

A balanced meal in the morning really gets your metabolism flowing and signals your body that it’s time to start the day. Your essentially fasting while you’re asleep, which is why your body and brain need nutrition to function properly when you wake up.

Our organic food diet guide provides an outline of which foods are acceptable and which are not. For example, pasteurized dairy products should stay off of the table, but almond milk is perfectly fine.

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There’s been a lot of hoopla lately about organic food being a waste of money. And we’ll be ignoring it. The answer is obvious to us: buying organic is never a waste of money. Organically-grown foods are not only better for your body; they are good for the environment.

The study misses the main issue  

A new study from Stanford University implied that organic produce might not be any more nutritious than the conventional variety. The media took those findings for quite a spin, going as far as saying that you shouldn’t even bother buying organic. But nutrition isn’t the main issue here. Organically grown produce contains fewer pesticides than non-organic options, and that’s important from a health standpoint.

The Stanford study showed that 38 percent of conventional (non-organic) produce contained pesticide residue. Only 7 percent of organic produce contained pesticide residue. That’s a pretty big difference. The EPA says the pesticide residue limits in conventional produce are safe for human consumption, but we have a problem with that.

You should always avoid pesticide residue

Pesticides are never safe to consume, in any amount.  Pesticides act as toxins within the body, and they can cause all kinds of illnesses. Eating organic food can eliminate a lot of that risk, but it’s still important to cleanse your body on a regular basis with colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic massage and other alternative therapies.

We buy organic for other reasons, too

The reasons supporting organically-grown food seem limitless – at least to us. The wide use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers ruins the environment. It pollutes the water we drink, the air we breathe and the soil we plant our gardens in. Organic farming, on the other hand, removes carbon from the air, promotes the livelihood of soil and protects wildlife from the harms of chemicals. It doesn’t get much more sustainable than that.

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Is food coloring safe?

Author: Jessica

There’s been a lot of controversy over the safety of food dye in recent years. Proponents of dyes say that they are perfectly safe. Their argument is that dyes go through extensive testing – 5 – 10 years of laboratory and animal testing – before they are sent out on the market. They also say that it’s safe because the amount of dye in certain food is insignificant. The FDA also monitors complaints very closely.

But there are several things that point to food coloring being very toxic. Dr. Mercola points out in an article that dyes are one of the most dangerous and widely used additives. That’s bad news for everyone.

Health risks

According to some studies, dyes have been associated with cancer. Blue 1 has been shown to cause kidney tumors in mice. And Red 3 has been involved with thyroid cancer in another animal study. Dyes may also exacerbate symptoms of ADHD, according to studies done at Columbia University and Harvard University. Not to mention that the European Union passed a law in July of 2011 that all foods containing dye must have a label warning consumers that additives may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

How to avoid them

Keep in mind that these additives are in processed foods to cover up the unnatural color of the processed food. Processed foods lose valuable nutrients, fiber and texture. In order to avoid the harmful impacts of food dye, purchase organic food or shop at your local farmers’ market. You can buy colorful foods; just make sure they are naturally vibrant. Purple eggplant, green spinach, rainbow chard and blueberries with bright colors can be natural and delicious. By eating a well-balanced diet, you’ll promote wellness and health within your body.

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We don’t want to steer you away from purchasing organic food. It’s one of the best ways to keep your microbiome stable. Organics are also filled with more nutrition – keeping your wellness at the maximum level. But if you’re budget-minded, you may be able to browse over a few expensive organics and buy conventional versions at the grocery. Of course, we support farmers markets and other locally grown produce, but here are six items you can skimp on:


These delectable fruits are filled with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, making them great to add into your daily dishes. But organic versions can increase your grocery bill. Because they have a thick skin, pesticides are less likely to get into the meat of the fruit, so you can get by with going conventional. Just make sure to rinse it off before you slice into it.


Any spices are good to go non-organic. Unless you’re consuming large amounts, the risk of pesticides is very minimal, says the Environmental Working Group.


Eggs can be OK if they aren’t organic. If you buy them from your local farmers market, chances are they were grown with organic standards in mind anyway. Talk to your farmers and see how they were grown. The chickens generally aren’t given hormones or antibiotics.


According to the EWG, onions are extremely low in pesticides. That means that you can get away with going conventional on these delicious vegetables.

For more information on buying organic foods, check out the EWG’s shopper’s guide to pesticides in produce.

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We talk a lot about healing through alternative methods on this blog. That’s because alternative methods are the best way to heal your body naturally – whether it’s lymphatic massage, rain drop therapy or colonic irrigation. But it’s just as important to utilize nutritional therapy for overall health.

Food Matters is a new documentary that I urge everyone to watch. It focuses on the rise of disease due to processed and genetically engineered foods, the fallacy of modern western medicine and how an organic diet can help prevent and cure disease.

You are what you eat

With the wide availability of fast food restaurants and genetically engineered food, it’s no wonder that pharmaceutical industry is a $300,000 billion dollar business in North America. There’s a McDonalds on every corner, and citizens of the U.S. are some of the unhealthiest on the planet – chronic illness, heart disease and cancer are some of the most widespread disease.

Part of the reason for this is that most of the foods you’ll find at restaurants, and even at chain grocery stores, are devoid of nutrition, which leaves your body craving fresh nutrients. If all you eat is nutritionally barren foods, your body is going to be nutritionally barren as well – you are what you eat.

Heal through food

Many cultures that haven’t succumbed to the way of the West are still very healthy. How are they doing it? They are eating locally grown, organic, unprocessed foods. An organic diet, in combination with alternative medicines like colonic irrigation and lymphatic massage, can greatly prevent and improve common disease and ailments.

Look for foods that are grown locally in naturally fertilized, nutrient-rich soil. Once you’ve been on a pure organic diet for a while, you should notice the difference. This kind of diet not only improves immune function, but it has been found to contain higher levels of cancer fighting anti-oxidants.

Shop the right way

Not all organic foods are made equal. When you’re looking for organic food, make sure to buy from your local trusted farmers and only eat what’s in season. Check out our Organic Diet Guide for full instruction on how to eat organic.

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Transformational Health Colon Hydrotherapy

Optimizing your intestinal flora is one of the most effective health interventions you can do. The flora in your gut is one of the largest organs in the body, and it plays a major role in your overall health. Toxins and bad bacteria in the gut can cause a variety of disease and ailments, which is why it’s vital to promote the growth of good bacteria.

Sugar and processed foods have a harmful effective on the flora in your gut, so it’s important to remove those from your diet. It’s best to use fermented foods to encourage the growth of good bacteria. Colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic massage can also rid the body of harmful bacteria and toxins, and stimulate the growth of good microorganisms within the gut.

The benefits of Kimichi

This fermented nourishment can be found at almost every Korean meal and holds a wide range of health benefits. It is very rich in vitamins A and C, but its real advantage is in its fermentation process, which produces beneficial lactobacilli bacteria. Those bacteria can help break down pesticides, which are extremely harmful to the body.

Pesticides are commonly found in today’s food sources and drinking water. They can accumulate in the body and remain in the fat for long periods of time, confusing cells and over stimulating the nervous system. That leads to ailments such as dizziness, nausea, confusion and other disease. Eating fermented foods that naturally break down these pesticides within the body are vital to your health.

Eat more fermented foods

Kimichi isn’t the only beneficial fermented foodstuffs for your body. In fact, all fermented foods are good for the intestinal flora. Organisms that live in your gut produce beneficial byproducts as they eat your digesting food, such as vitamins B and K, and also break down food that your body can’t naturally digest.

Things like grains, sugars and processed foods promote the growth of bad bacteria, which is why it’s important to counteract those foods with good microbes from fermented foods. If you’re suffering from diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, lactose intolerance, bladder cancer, autism, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome or urinary tract infections, you may need more fermented foodstuffs in your diet.

Cleanse with a colonic

Colon hydrotherapy can help cleanse the intestinal tract and get rid of bad microorganisms, toxins and built up waste products. Cleansing the system is a crucial part of colon health – it makes room for good bacteria to flourish. Eating a diet rich in fermented foods, and receiving regular colonics, can optimize your body for overall health.

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The Importance of Minerals

Author: Jessica

The U.S. is known to be one of the most unhealthy nations in the world. Chronic illness is on the rise and Americans are generally uneducated on many health issues. It’s no wonder that almost all U.S. citizens have some kind of mineral deficiency. The following excerpt is taken from the booklet “Minerals – The Fundamental Necessity for Perfect Health and the Electrical Potential of Divine Expression” by Rich Anderson.

At Transformational Health in Palos Verdes and Santa Monica we seek to educate all of our clients on ways in which they can better their overall health for life. Please take in the following valuable information to improve your well-being and lifestyle:

According to the US Departments of health in 1982 America was known to be one of the sickest of 100 civilized nations on Earth, being 95th in terms of chronic and degenerative diseases. In 1987, it was revealed that America had dropped to the bottom
of the list- number 100. It has been recorded that 40% of the people who say they feel “good” actually suffer from a chronic disease. It is a well-known governmental fact that over 99% of Americans are deficient in minerals. This is obviously a serious contributing factor in the poor health of the American people.
Why are minerals so important to good health? All nutritional elements such as enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, fats, sugars, carbohydrates, etc., as well as all body functions are dependent upon minerals. And there is another element which is seldom referred to when speaking of nutritional elements, and yet it is the most crucial one of them all. This element is simply, light. Light is electrical; light is a substance of varying degrees and values. Light provides the life, potential, and ability for the bodies enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids as well as all chemical and biological functions (which include the nerve currents). The lack of light causes old age, sickness, and disease. When cells do not have light, they die. As a measurable nutritional element, light is what gives life to the nucleus of each cell. And not only can the electrical quantity of individual cells be measured, but the electrical currents generated by the collective cell structure of individual organs can be measured as well. Herein lies the secret of radiant health and the strength of mind and body that can manifest to arch a degree that the aging process is actually inhibited. Herein lies the means of increasing the electrical potential, the electrical capacity, and the electrical conductivity, of each cell of the body. But in order for this complete healing and rejuvenation of the body to come about, two major conditions must be achieved-one must obtain complete purity of the physical structure and one must have the minerals. Purity is necessary to eliminate all obstructer or short circuiting of the flow of that greater life or electrical force. The minerals provide the necessary vehicles upon which the electrical currents travel. When the body is deficient in minerals, it is deficient in light and, therefore, deficient in health. It is this light or life that feeds radiant power to our molecular cell structure and to our enzymes. Lower this light or life activity and you reduce the potential of every metabolic process in the body.
Man is deficient on minerals for two major reasons: (1) the food he eats does not have the nutrients, and (2) he has mucoid layers in the stomach, small intestines and colon which are inhibiting proper assimilation of nutrients. The floss one finds on the commercial market are often not fit to eat. Much of our farmlands are depleted, polluted and unbalanced. Fallout from air and industrial pollution, polluted water and the consistent use of unnatural, untested chemicals and potential carcinogens used in soil, on seeds, buds, plants, and packaging have dangerously affected the nutritional and safety aspects of our foods. And as if to add evil upon evil, the fruits on the commercial market are generally unripe and undeveloped so that they have a longer “shelf life.” the of course, man further destroys the value of food through cooking, freezing, preserving, microwaving, pasteurizing, and now worst of all through irradiation. Irradiation annihilates precious enzymes and vitamins-the very life elements of the food. Now since man is lacking in minerals(or any biochemicals), the corresponding organs and functions of the body are restricted and damaged, causing further congestion and toxicity.
The average lifespan of a red blood cell is 120 days. When it dies it must be replaced by new ones. However if the body has not been
supplied with the proper bio-nutrients, the physical structure and it’s organs and tissues are unable to rejuvenate themselves. The body begins it’s natural process of deterioration. Minerals affect so many aspects of healthy body function. For example, you may have heard that the acid-alkaline (pH) balance in the intestines is controlled by the intestinal flora. But few are aware that the pH balance of the body tissue is controlled by minerals.
How many suffer hormone problems? Glandular hormone secretions depend upon minerals. Heart problems may be due to the lack of the minerals potassium or magnesium. Skin problems often reflect a lack of silicon in the form of psoriasis, eczema, rashes, and itching. A lack of mineral silicon can also result in shaking, loss of hair, gray hair, poor nails, frazzled nerves. Those who suffer from stomach and digestive disorders or arthritis should look at their sodium intake-are they taking in enough organic sodium? Or are they consuming to much inorganic sodium (e.g. table salt) in their diets? Even various brain malfunctions are attributable to the lack of some of the trace minerals. Minerals are crucial for good elimination. (And good elimination is crucial for purity and good health!) Organic minerals, in conjunction with enzymes, neutralize free radicals and other metabolic cell waste so that they can be eliminated. Chelated, or organic minerals actually draw out the inorganic, harmful minerals of the body’s blood vessels, arthritic joints, etc. Which are so often the cause of much trouble.
The most effective mineral supplement should be derived from organic vegetation and in a chelated and colloidal form. The finest and most effective mineral supplement of this sort that one can find is LIQUID MINERALS. They are from 100% organic substances and, being chelated and colloidal, have the ability to combine with the body’s enzymes and draw out the joints, blood and body tissues the harmful inorganic minerals and drugs that cause so much harm. It is well known that the highest concentration of vegetable nutrition is derived from seaweeds. The source of LIQUID MINERALS is pre-historic vegetable seabeds-free from toxic chemical contamination of any kind. Due to their organic nature and because they bar colloidal (when by the method of aqueous extraction the mineral particles are infused into a suspension of submicroscopic substance), LIQUID MINERALS are easily absorbed by the body.
LIQUID MINERALS are so tiny they are capable of being absorbed even through the unnatural mucoid layers in the intestines and stomach which generally prohibit proper digestion and assimilation of the food one eats. Due to their organic, chelated, and colloidal form, LIQUID MINERALS do not even need to pass through the digestive system to be utilized. They are capable of being assimilated through the pores of the skin.
You can test this for yourself the nest time you get a burn. Spray some LIQUID MINERALS on the burn and notice the pain disappearing in seconds. For a more serious burn, notice how quickly it heals!

Many of us see the organic aisle at our local grocery stores and wonder what exactly the “organic” tag means. Is it just a word that means paying a bit more in the checkout lane? Or does organic food actually justify a small price increase? And what does organic food taste like? The truth is that organic food is incredibly beneficial for our digestive systems and tastes just as good, if not better, than other foods that we buy and eat on a regular basis.

For so many grocery store shoppers, the produce aisle is the place for finding those extra sources of vitamins and minerals that we believe are the key to leading healthy lifestyles. While fruits and vegetables are essential to a well-balanced diet, many bananas, apples and other so-called “healthy” foods can be loaded with pesticides and toxins that preserve their longevity on the shelf.

Some farmers use pesticides to prevent insects from destroying crops and large produce companies want to use preservatives that help fruits and vegetables look appealing for a longer period of time. While these pesticides and preservatives can be helpful for selling fruits and vegetables, they can carry toxins that are damaging to our health. Our bodies are not meant to eat spray pesticides and additional chemicals that are standard on so many farms.

Eating organic means avoiding these pesticides and preservatives that can be so harmful. Farmers grow organic foods without the assistance of pesticides or drugs, keeping these types of food in their most natural state. Our bodies digest organic foods with ease because they lack the chemicals of so many cans, bags and containers of other foods that line the grocery store.

Organic goes much further than the produce aisle, too. Eating organic meat can be very beneficial for our digestive systems, too. Organic meat comes from animals that are typically raised on healthy diets without the aid of growth hormones or steroids.

On your next grocery store trip, be sure to look for those “organic” and “all-natural” tags. They might be the most important step toward your healthy diet.

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Cool community initiative combining investment into the health of school children with investment into local farmers. The way of the future!!!

What is Celtic Sea Salt?

Author: Jessica

One of the products that Transformational Health clients love is Celtic Sea Salt.

Why? Because it’s taste and the presence of trace minerals and sea water.

The presence of trace minerals and sea water is essentially “the good stuff ” you wish to find in sea salt. It’s what differentiates sea salt from common table salt; Celtic Sea Salt is engineered to be virtually 100% sodium chloride. Also, Celtic Sea Salts contain the highest amount of trace mineral and sea water (13.36%) of any brand on the market today, now that’s just good news for your health.

Celtic Sea Salt is available for purchase at our office at any time.