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To kick off this blog, we’d like to share a very enlightening and inspiring short essay we were very happy to find in a recent Arise & Shine Newsletter.

Arise & Shine titled this, “Removing the emotional patterns that do not serve or strengthen us.”

“The suffering and limitations in your life and in fact, our entire world, are directly linked to a lack of understanding of how we create our lives.  Our minds, our feelings and our words are far more powerful than most people ever imagined.  With each feeling; each emotions, we create impressions in our subconscious mind.  Like groves in a record or a CD, our feelings inscribe patterns and programs that will influence us in the future.  Once these recordings reach a certain level of intensity, they do not fade away, but continue to display their frequency throughout our existence in this world of duality, until they are de-polarized; canceled or eliminated.

These recordings have determined our personality, our habits, likes and dislikes and even our genome (DNA).  It is them that have determined how we behave, our life style, patterns of eating, thinking and feeling and our state of health.  It is because of them that we perceived things the way we do; react to things the way we do. They are our habits, addictions, our desires, the cause of our success or failures in our life, our expectations, our personality, and all the tendencies and patterns we have.

We, and only we, created them.  We created them out of ignorance and with a little knowledge we can un-create them and create what it is we want in life.”

Focus on the mind

Sometimes while healing the body, we forget the importance of healing the mind. Emotions are a big part of health and wellness, which is why it’s crucial to find a balance between the two. Remember, your mind is control of your body. Emotional cleansing can help regain that control.

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Colonics and Brain Health

Author: Jessica
It’s no secret that a probiotic rich diet is important for the function of your body, but many experts are now saying that it’s important for your brain function and overall mood as well. A recent study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America found that people with a probiotic rich diet were more active and less susceptible to anxiety.
This research has led some experts to believe that the balance of microbes within the gut is directly related to brain health. The National Institute of Health, NIH, has been researching the importance of microbes since 2007, but the concept has been around for more than a decade. According to the research of NIH, the “microbiome” is a forgotten organ within the body, and abandoning its nutritional needs is having a very poor influence on our health. That’s why many experts are now recommending regular colonics for intestinal and brain health.
How does it relate to the brain?
Researchers found that microbes can influence glycoproteins. These glycoproteins are vital in brain synapse formation in the early stages of development, meaning that they directly influence brain health.  Experts also theorize that the vagus nerve in the stomach directly communicates with the brain via microbes, causing an increase in serotonin levels when there is a healthy balance.
A better mood with colonics
Transformational Health in Palos Verdes and Santa Monica recommends a diet rich in probiotics and fermented foods along with regular colonics for a healthy microbiome.  We believe that regular colonics is key to a healthy brain and a healthy mood. Serotonin, the chemical responsible for the feeling of well-being, is influenced by the microbes in your gut. That’s why you feel better emotionally after a colonic.
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