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Everybody knows how good they feel after a long deep-tissue massage, and although these types of massages have a number of health benefits, many argue that they don’t have the same keep-you-younger efficacy as lymphatic massages.
What’s so youthful about these ultra light-touch massages? Well, let’s find out.
Improves circulation
The main thing that lymphatic massage drainage does so well is to help pass lymph more effortlessly through the lymphatic system — part of the larger circulatory system.
Lymph is a clear liquid that disposes of harmful toxins in the body. From time to time, it can become very thick and bogged-down. With a very light touch in the right areas, the massage therapist is able to improve the circulation of lymph through the lymphatic system, allowing it to do away with toxins more efficiently.
Clears your complexion
One of the side benefits of lymph drainage is that it can actually help with acne problems. Think about it — acne is often caused by dirt and toxins finding a temporary home in the pours of your skin. With lymph flowing more readily, though, this makes it much harder to do. And, everyone knows an acne-free complexion appears is a healthy, more youthful one.
Heightens immunity
As we get older, the natural processes our bodies perform to keep us young, healthy, and fit, slow down — including lymph flow. So, just as you might take a daily dose of medication, regularly receiving manual lymphatic massage can work wonders to slow down the aging process and keep you healthy.
Simply keeps you feeling good
Remember feeling great all the time in your teens and 20s? You weren’t so plagued by aches, pains, and stress like you are now, right? The truth is, it’s just as important to actually FEEL healthy as it is to be healthy. Your subjective experience from moment to moment is who you are, and if you’re constantly in pain or depressed, that will define you.
Several studies have shown that post-lymphatic drainage massage, people felt calmer and more focused than prior to the treatment.
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Lymphatic massage is perhaps one of the most beneficial ways to detox your body. By using a light, rhythmic and methodical touch on the abdomen, pelvis, chest and head, your body receives an immune boost.

The lymphatic system is the body’s “water purification system.” And lymph gets pumped through the system whenever you exercise, sweat and breathe. But when you’re sluggish or sedentary, your overall health suffers.

Fortunately, lymph massage can help.

Here are five ways that this gentle massage technique can benefit your body:

Relieves Pain

Many practitioners of manual lymphatic drainage believe that manual lymph therapy can have a profound impact on the relief of pain. According to Gate Theory, non-painful sensations close the “gates” to painful sensations. In the case of lymphatic drainage, its soothing touch is just what someone suffering might need – removing chemicals from the specific cells associated with the actual pain response.

Lowers hypertension

The repetitive nature of this massage technique has been known to have a very calming effect on the nervous system. It creates in many people a state of deep relaxation — allowing lymph to flow more freely, blood vessel walls to open up, and ultimately lowering blood pressure, if done regularly.

Cosmetic treatment

Surprisingly, the therapy has been known to improve the appearance of scar tissue, and to reduce inflammation, post-surgery or injury. The idea is that the light touch does not “interfere” with blood or tissue, which would agitate the problem even more. With its light touch, it’s able to smooth out the problem areas, increasing healing time. It can also be used to do away with lines and wrinkles, to an extent.

Revs the immune system

Not only can lymph massage help cure problems that are already present, it can also boost the immune system, as a kind of preventative care. When you receive the therapy on a regular basis, your chances on contracting things like arthritis, auto-immune disease and bronchitis can decrease dramatically. It’s a great way to boost your overall wellness.


We’ve all been there at some point or another — that time when you just can’t seem “to go.” As it turns out, lymph massage can help with that as well. Gluten and other heavy foods are known to cause bloating, blockage, and general discomfort. Since the intestines too have blood vessels, they can also become relaxed through the light-touch therapy, opening the way for waste to pass more freely.

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You might opt for a massage alleviate stress, or simply to feel good. If you’re having serious inflammatory issues, though, lymphatic drainage massage might be the viable therapy for what ails you.

A low-pressure massage which drains toxin-carrying lymph from the nervous system; lymphatic massage is painless, non-invasive, and great for you. Best of all, it’s helpful in treating different types of inflammation.

Here are five types of inflammation that lymphatic massage can treat.


Common in older folks, lymphedema is a swelling of the limbs, due to obstructed blood vessels. Many people seek temporary remedy for this condition through lymph massage, and have had some definite success.

Post-anesthesia removal

Characterized as an inflammation of grogginess and cloudy cognition, post- anesthesia symptoms can occasionally be treated with lymphatic drainage massage. Consciousness is a whole-body phenomenon, and when the chemical anesthetic is slowly removed from the body via a massage of this kind, many report being more aware and alert.

Post-surgery edema

If you went in for highly invasive surgery, it’s not likely that your body will act kindly to it. Swelling or “stagnant fluid” (edema) is often present after going under the knife, and lymphatic drainage therapy has long been known to help reduce this nuisance.

Mold toxicity

Ingesting large amounts of mold is never good for your wellness. Whether it’s chronic allergies, or simply living in a less than cleanly space, certain microorganisms can be harmful to your immune system and cause inflammation — mostly to your respiratory system. Believe it or not, a series of lymph treatments can work wonders when it comes to ridding your body of these toxins.


Fibromyalgia is common in older women and men alike, but it tends to be more common in women. Chronic muscle pain and tenderness is the gist of the syndrome, but on-going tiredness is usually present, as well. Several studies show the effectiveness of manual lymph massage in alleviating this pain.

In one study, half the participants were with fibromyalgia were put on a regiment of lymphatic massage five times a week for 3 weeks, while the others were put on a connective tissue massage regiment for the same amount of time.

Although significant pain reduction was found in both groups, those who had undergone lymphatic drainage massage reported significantly less pain.

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Of course you’re familiar with the digestive system and the respiratory system, but how about the lymphatic system? Are you stumped when it comes to lymphatic information?

Lying shallowly underneath the surface of your skin, the lymphatic system is actually part of the circulatory system — transporting a fluid called “lymph,” which enhances your body’s immunity, among other things.

Here’s some more stuff you probably didn’t know.

Your body collects about 2.5 liters of lymph fluid, daily

Think about it. That’s 2.5 large soda bottles of dirty, toxin-filled lymph. That’s a lot of work for this little system!

A “bad” lymphatic system doesn’t always mean bad health

Sure, in lots of cases you might be able to tell the overall health of a person by the state of their lymphatic system, but not always.

For instance, one can be on their death bed, and have a perfectly functioning lymphatic system, and another person may be perfectly healthy, but have an inflamed lymph nodes due to surgery.

Massage can aid in lymph flow

Wellness therapists and other medical professionals are trained in a therapy called manual lymph drainage. Applying less than 9 ounces of pressure per square inch, in the areas where lymph seems to be “blocked up” can stimulate it to flow freely.

Lymphatic massage has been shown in some studies to be effective in the treatment of swelling around broken bones and other conditions.

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DIY lymphatic massage

Author: Jessica

Sure, going to a wellness therapist for lymphatic drainage is ideal. But what if you’re a little short on cash or simply too exhausted to go anywhere? With a little lymphatic information, you can actually perform a lymph massage on yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Get comfortable

It’s widely known that lymph drainage works best when the recipient is as relaxed as possible. Find a comfortable, tranquil environment – preferably lying down on your bed, couch, or floor. You want your muscles to stretch, and no part of your body should be strained, according to, a health website. Sitting is not recommended.

No cream or oil necessary

Lymphatic massage does not require that you use any slippery creams or oils, as these might actually provide too little resistance. Instead, try talcum powder, notes

Getting lymph to flow

Very gently push your fingers into your skin – pushing in and upward around a particular area. Then, push down and away. Do this methodically, five to 10 times – this is sure to get the lymph circulating.

Necks and armpits

These tend to be particular areas in which lymph stubbornly stagnates. Remedying these areas has been known to have a positive effect on lymph flow through the entire body.

For the neck, start on both sides, just below the ears. Move your fingers down, and toward the back with a gentle amount of pressure. Next, move to your collarbone, and end there.

Armpits can be especially susceptible to swelling. Start in the center of each armpit and work slowly and gently toward the chest, according to

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are pros and cons to most therapies. Some are effective, but expensive; others might be affordable but may not yield solid results.

When it comes to your wellness, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a therapy that doesn’t have at least a few drawbacks. Many agree, though, that lymphatic massage is one of the all-around best.

Good: Does what it claims to do

It’s true. The procedure has been shown by medical science to be effective in improving lymph flow, and in turn, improving some conditions like breast cancer-related lymphedema and edema related to broken bones.

Not so good: Multiple sessions may be needed

Unfortunately, in order lymph massage to have lasting results, multiple sessions are often needed.

Good: Painless

Unlike deep tissue massages, which press deeply into muscle, this massage employs an extremely gentle touch, which is never physically uncomfortable.

Not so good: Not ideal for those who don’t like being touched by strangers

Like most bodily therapies, lymphatic drainage requires a certain trusting of your wellness therapist. It may be a tad awkward at first, but once you get to know them, it should be much more relaxing. Indeed, therapists are skilled professionals, practiced at making you feel comfortable.

Good: Affordable

Many wellness spas offer lymphatic drainage at an extremely cost-effective price, compared to their other therapies.

You can find our pricing guide here.

Not so good: Not covered by insurance

Although there are certainly exceptions, most wellness therapies offered at a wellness spa are not covered by insurance.

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We’re sure it’s not news to you that a good massage not only relaxes your muscles, it relieves stress and feels great as well.

Yet there’s another type of massage that’s used as somewhat of a detox remedy. Also, unlike a standard massage, there’s not much physical pressure involved.

Intriguing, right? It’s called a lymphatic massage.

The massage is used to activate the flow of lymph, a fluid carried around by the lymphatic system, which is partially responsible for cleansing the body of toxins.

In order to properly move lymph around, the therapy (to the surprise of many) doesn’t require a whole lot of physical force from the therapist — just gentle touching.

Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits that this type of massage offers.

It cleanses the body of toxins

The main job of the lymphatic system is to do away with the impurities hanging around in the body – these are picked up by pollution, the food we eat, as well as more general environmental factors.

Keep in mind that the lymphatic system is the largest circulatory system in the body, responsible for helping to keep your tissues and organs healthy.

When you receive a lymphatic drainage massage, it allows any blocked-up lymph to flow freely again through the lymph vessels.

In turn, the lymphatic system is able to do its job more effectively, and it cleanses the body of waste and metabolic toxins.

Curious? Check out our lymphatic information page to learn more.

It restores nutrients

Or rather, it restores the lymphatic system’s ability to properly deliver nutrients to cells. The system not only clears away cellular waste and toxins, it brings vital nutrients to the cells in the body.

So when the lymphatic system is stimulated, vital nutrients are restored to cells. Without these nutrients, and other crucial functions of the lymph system, excess fluid can accumulate and result in edema – a painful bloating of the limbs.

It helps with weight-loss  

This unique type of massage also has weight management properties, because it helps regulate metabolism. This is both due to its toxin cleansing abilities, as well as its ability to be purely stress-relieving – countless studies have shown that stress increases fat tissue.

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Your lymphatic system is responsible for cleansing impurities from your body, but unfortunately, it’s not always full proof.

This system doesn’t actually have its own pump by which lymph is able to circulate and do its work. Rather, it relies on other body parts to get the job done – muscles, blood vessels, etc.

We all know that lymphatic massage can help, but here are a few other quick ways you can stimulate your lymph system.


Perhaps the most obvious but most effortful way to regulate proper lymph flow is through regular exercise.

Since lymph flow counts heavily on muscle movement, it only make sense that to cleanse your body of toxins and the like, you’d need to exercise from time to time.

A 2005 study notes, “lymph flow increases by approximately 2-to 3-fold higher while exercising than at rest.”

Any exercise will do the trick, but exercises particularly focused on working out large muscle groups will likely work best.

Yoga is particularly good for promoting lymph flow, especially poses where the legs are above the heart – allowing gravity to work on the lymph passageways.

Hot / cold showers

Believe it or not, alternating between hot and cold showers has been known to be effective in promoting healthy lymph flow.

Going back and forth between hot and cold causes lymphatic peristalsis. That is, the hot showers cause lymph vessels to relax, and the cold cause them to contract.

Stand under hot water for 2 minutes, then switch to cold for another 2. Do this for several rotations, and overtime, you may start feeling a whole lot better.

Deep breathing

Along with other large muscles, your diaphragm (that large muscle that helps you breathe) is essential for regulating healthy lymph flow.

Whether you take some time out of the day to meditate, or you regularly do yoga, deep in-through-nose-out-through-mouth breathing is very beneficial for your lymphatic system.

Get a lymphatic massage

Unlike standard massages, it’s the goal of a lymphatic massage to stimulate the flow of lymph in order to rid your body of toxins.

Also unlike a standard massage, this technique only employs very light pressure to the skin – too much pressure can actually have negative effects on the lymphatic system.

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Massage therapy, including lymphatic massage, dates back thousands of years.

And whether it’s targeting a particular area of the body with a lot of force, or taking the ever-so-gentle approach, different types of massage therapies are used to treat varying ailments.

Here are a few time-honored massage therapies you might expect to get at your local detox spa.

Stone massage

Your muscles are feeling like they’re in knots. It might be your neck, your lower back or your thighs.

Whatever area is ailing you, you can treat it with rocks. In stone massage therapy, lava rocks are smoothed, heated or cooled (depending on the ailment), and placed on particular body part.

These stones retain temperature, and are able to transfer that temperature deep into tissue, relieving tension.

Foot massage

Many massage experts believe it’s possible to relieve tension throughout the entire body, simply by targeting the feet.

The theory is that there are particular reflex areas in the feet that correspond to all the organs in the body. When these “sen” are properly read and appropriate pressure is applied to them, experts claim the effects can be quite dramatic.

Asiatsu massage

The feet aren’t targeted with this type of massage. Rather, the feet are used to actually give the massage.

Dating back to the 12th century, Asiatsu involves the therapist literally standing on top of the recipient, while holding onto something to keep their balance.

They then pour oils on the recipient’s back, and quickly, but firmly, slide their feet across it. Many people seek out this type of massage for more severe aches and pains, as it’s one of the deepest tissue massages out there.

Lymphatic massage

Also called lymphatic drainage massage, this type of massage uses a very tiny amount of pressure to stimulate “lymph flow.” Lymph is a fluid that circulates throughout the lymphatic system (part of the circulatory system) that helps the body rid itself of toxins and impurities.

This particular therapy has been clinically proven time and time again to help treat conditions like lymphedema and even certain types of cancers.

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Massage therapy doesn’t always require a hard touch.

In fact, when treating the lymphatic system, a very light touch is all that’s needed.

And this low-pressure lymphatic massage therapy can do wonders for the body.

The body’s cleansing tool

The lymphatic system, part of the circulatory system, is one of the human body’s purifying mechanisms. It transports lymph, a liquid containing white blood cells, throughout the body, ridding it of various toxins.

This essential system transports about two to three liters of lymph around the body every day, aiding in purification.

It’s comprised of lymphatic vessels, little conduits that carry the fluid and filter plasma.

Tool break from time to time

Like countless other bodily systems, the lymphatic system isn’t able to serve its purpose 100 percent of the time.

It’s not uncommon to develop lymph build-up in lymph vessels — preventing normal flow.

While those with mild build-up might feel tired and lethargic, others with a more serious lack of lymph flow might have a condition called lymphedema – which can be quite painful.

A delicate procedure

The lymphatic system relies on contractions of the smooth muscle cells in the lymph vessels, or peristalsis. Skeletal muscles also play a big part.

Due to the shallow location of much of the lymphatic system just under the skin, only a very small amount of pressure is necessary for lymphatic drainage massage.

The therapist will usually perform the procedure going in circular motions, with less than 9 ounces per square inch directly on the skin.

It’s a painless procedure, even for those dealing with very painful conditions like lymphedema.

According to the Standford University School of Medicine, manual lymph drainage is very effective in promoting lymph flow for lymphedema.

And if it’s good for a pressing condition like that, it’ll certainly be effective for those simply feeling lethargic, too.

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